Fiber content: 100% coir or jute fibers

Durability: appr. 18-24 months

Weight: 500-900 g/sqm

Size: diam. 20-30-40-50cm


  • Mulching performance
  • Young plants and trees protection
  • Moisture release
  • They foster the correct growth of the roots
  • They protect roots from direct sun exposure



Fiber content: 100% coir fibers

Durability: appr. 36-48 months

Size: diam. 20-30-40-50cm

Biorolls are cylinders made of coir fibers which are highly thicken and contained inside a rhomboidal coir net.



Biomats, Bionets and Geotextiles can be anchored to the soil with different fixing elements:

  • staples for blankets: U 25-cm steel stakes
  • metallic staples
  • wooden pegs


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