H.R.D.C.’s main feature is that it greatly slows down evaporation, avoiding the formation of puddles on any type of natural ground – even on the most compact ones – keeping the treated surface moist for a longer period.

HRDC is the ideal product since it considerably breaks the water tension which is generally very hard and contains minerals and other components that contribute to a larger water droplet
size. In order to effectively wet dust particles, even the finest ones, it is important that water droplets have a similar diameter.
HRDC breaks the droplets surface tension to enable water to “wet out” fine dust particles quickly.

• It saves you time, money and water.
• It speeds the water penetration into the roadbed.
• It increases the duration of watering and reduces the frequency of applications.
• It is biodegradable, non-combustible, non-corrosive, and non-carcinogenic.
• If used per manufacturer’s instructions, it is an acceptable dust suppressant.
• It will not salt out or cause clogging.
• It is completely miscible with water in all proportions.
• It can be used with every type of water (hard, fresh or salt) and climatic condition.

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