They are essential in hydroseeding as they act as a binding agent between the blend and the soil.

FULLTACK - natural powder

FullTack is a 100% natural powder which increases the binding power of the mulch and, together with it, they form a reticulum, web-like, of cross fibres which, together with fertilizer, soil and seed, bind with the soil and avoid that wash away.

Application and Profits:

  • Doesn’t wash away when hose down more times
  • Fosters germination and maintain available the nutritive elements.
  • High viscosity
  • In controls erosion even on steep slopes
  • Heavy Hydroseeding


Depends on climate, season and soil conditions.

Slope higher 1:1: 8-10g/sqm

Turf reinforcement: 13- 15-gr/sqm

Package: double-bedded 25kg bags


SUPERTACK - microgranular synthetic

SuperTack  is a microgranular synthetic tackifier specific for hydroseeding. It is very concentrated with up to 90% of active substance and totally biodegradable.

Application and Profits:

  • Non-toxic and not dangerous.
  • Increases the protection against erosion (even up to 95%)
  • Promotes germination and maintains available the nourishing elements 
  • Increases water retention and supports the preservation of the soil’s water reservoir
  • Lightens the blend density for hydroseeding
  • Suitable for interventions in arid zones or steep slopes, with compacted and clay soil
  • Suggested for binding long straws in hydroseeding with straw mulch


The dosage depends on climate, season and soil’s conditions.

Flat surface: 1g/ mq 

Slope higher: 1:1: 2-3 gr/mq

Package: 4-8 kg tanks; 25 kg bags.


ECOTACK – vegetal powder

Ecotack/ Biotack is a powder tackifier made from 100% renewable resources. It is composed by a mixture of natural polysaccharides-based products that act as a binding agent between the elements of the hydroseeding blend and the soil.

Application and Profits:

  • Non-toxic and not dangerous
  • Ecofriendly and biodegradable
  • Easy to use
  • Fosters germination
  • Protects the soil against erosion
  • Suitable for all hydroseeding works


The dosage depends on climate, season and soil conditions

Slopes up to 20° 15 g/mq

Slopes up to 40° 20 g/mq

Slopes up to 40° 30 g/mq

Up to 5 months lasting: +15 g/mq


25kg bags


HYDROTACK -  natural liquid

HydroTack   is a 100% natural  tackifier, being liquid is very easy to use and mix. It is not hygroscopic and promotes a binding effect on the soil’s surface.

Application and Profits:


  • suitable for all hydroseeding works.
  • complex polymers’ chemical structure
  • Ideal for light and no-compacted


Dosage depends on climate, season and soil conditions

Slopes up 20°: 10-15 g/mq

Slopes up 40°: 15-20 g/mq

Slopes up to 45°: 25-30 g/mq

Up to 3 months lasting:  +15 g/mq

Package: 20 lt tanks; 1040 lt totes

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