Hydromat is an erosion control system that combines the advantages of the blankets together with the precision of the hydroseeding technique.

Unique among all erosion control systems, Hydromat acts as a blanket and matches its benefits with a meaningful time and work saving.

Results and cost-benefits ratio make it the best choice for a wide application range.

It is easy to apply with a single-step hydroseeding. Once sprayed onto the surface, it conforms to the ground and dries to form a flexible matrix, that has the highest tensile strength and the strongest bond available on the market.

Seeds and fertilizers may be added to the hydroseeding slurry for a true “One Step Erosion Control”. Hydromat anchors to the soil surface and cures to a flexible crust, providing a “blanket-like” stability even on the steepest slopes and avoiding seed, fertilizer and soil washout. When germination starts, Hydromat slowly decomposes enriching the soil with organic matter.

Hydromat fiber matrix anchors seeds and fertilizer to the soil, allowing moisture, sunlight and plants to penetrate it. Hydromat provides a natural environment that allows seed to germinate quickly, even in arid climates. Plus, nitrogen is not adsorbed and existing vegetation is allowed to grow healthy.


  • no site preparation needed
  • effective immediately after application
  • longer lasting
  • superior performance compared to erosion control blankets
  • 100% superior wood fibers


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