Anti-icing and deicing solutions


Our complete range of solutions to secure the safety of infrastructures, vehicles and people during the winter

Our anti-icing solutions increase safety and lower costs by preventing the formation of bonded ice and snow that can be dangerous and damage people and vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains and planes).

Our products promote fast and long-lasting ice melting and prevent additional ice build-up. If you wait until ice forms to take action, deicing requires much more deicing product than what you would need to provide anti-icing action in the first place.

Our range of products includes easy-to-apply ecofriendly liquid agents specifically designed to be used on roads, highways, airport runways, bridges and ramps, sidewalks, boardwalks, car parks, slipways, rest areas, boulevards, squares, parks and on all the transit zones both pedestrian and for cars.

Unlike traditional salt (sodium chloride) that works at just-below-zero temperatures, ICE-FREE and ZERO-GRAVITY series of products can work down to -75°C. ICE FREE great advantage is to be liquid: the product can penetrate into surface pores and stay effective for a long time, it is not corrosive and prevents road surface’s fractures avoiding the formation of potholes and successive maintenance.




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