Porous Pave


Eco friendly binder to build draining roads and cycle pedestrian architectural paving.

Porous Pave® is an ecofriendly polymer-based binder used to build draining pavements.

Porous Pave is the only single-component liquid binder with dust-proof, eco-friendly effect that enables Public Authorities and Professionals worldwide to design new pavements or restore old, deteriorated pavements following the new concepts of naturalness, drainage and low environmental impact.

Porous Pave is an environmentally sound draining binder used to build pedestrian and cycle lanes using crushed gravel (chip). As a single component, it is blended with natural colored crushed chip only. Porous Pave benefits are the following:

  • Completely non-toxic
  • It doesn’t modify the color of the aggregate – the paving keeps its natural color and the environmental features of the site are preserved
  • It can be used with different types of 2-8mm aggregate
  • Allows the creation of colored pavement, aesthetically pleasing and resistant to use
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Cement and geotextile products can be avoided
  • It allows to re-use old asphalt, cement, natural soil, self-locking tiles where you can directly install Porous Pave



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