Fertilizers, Soil Correctives And Starters


Full Service Ltd. offers a wide range of fertilizers and correctives.

When soil is biologically poor, it is necessary to use special correctives and fertilizers. Full Service offers a wide range of fertilizers, correctives and starters.

DUNG 10-5-5s

Organic-mineral Fertilizer

Balanced fertilizer suitable for several situations. Offers gradually the nutritional substances and consists of a mixture of organic fertilizers which are very high in protein and phosphorus.

Dosage: depending on the local situation from 70-90 gr/sqm

Packaging: 25 kg bag, 1500kg pallet

Application and benefits

  • Appropriate for all hydroseeding typology, easy to mix in the hydroseeder.
  • Assures a right ‘start’ of the plant, rooting and establishment
  • Brings a considerable quantity of organic substance


Correction of acid soils

The Organic Calcium is the solution for the correction of acid soils (ph < 7), rich in sodium, subject to calcification and with a high level of salinity. Thanks to its organic component, the product is not subject to washout.

Dosage: depending on the situation, from 100-120 gr sqm when combined with other fertilizers.

Packaging: 25 kg bag, 750kg pallet

Application and benefits

  • Correction of acid soils, rich in sodium
  • Improves the roots’ absorption of nutritive elements
  • It is ideal for saline soils rich in sodium
  • non toxic


Soil pH adjustment

Biozolfo (sulphur) is the perfect solution to adjust the soil pH in case of lack of sulphur. It is a biocomponent  with organic substances 49% and minerals 51% and with a 4,5 pH

Packaging: 25kg bag, 1500kg pallet

Dosage: depending on the situation from 100-150 gr sqm when combined with other fertilizers

Application and benefits

  • Suitable for all alkaline and saline soils, and where there are nutritive elements’ absorption problems.
  • Thanks to its organic matrix, it is not subject to washout.
  • Correction of the basic pH (> 7)


AVC Powder Humus

Humus represents the most active part, both under the physic and the chemical aspect, of the soil organic substance and interacts with the mineral fraction influencing the chemical and physical proprieties of the soil. As hydrophilic colloid, Full Humus has a water storage capacity, and absorbs 20 times its weight.

Dosage: depending on the situation, 150-200 gr/ sqm

Packaging: 25 kg bag,1500kg pallet

Application and benefits

  • All soils poor in organic substance
  • Improves structure and fertility
  • Heavy hydroseeding


Microgranular Fertilizer

It is a binary microgranular fertilizer with a high percentage of phosphorus that can be applied for the fertilization of lawns, sports fields, gardens and, of course, for hydroseeding.

Dosage:  According to the situation approximately 20 gr./mq best when combined with organic fertiliser.

Packaging: 15 kg sacks, 1500kg pallets

Application and benefits

  • Supports a prompt rhizogenesis
  • Forsters germination
  • Improves the ‘ plant start’ particulary in calcareous and ‘cold’
  • completely water soluble, this formulation promotes a quick and healthy growth of the plants


Roots biostimulator

Biostart is a natural blend with a very high concentration of 4 natural components (algae, mycorrhizae, humic acids and proteins) that fosters the growth of the plants and the germination substratum by stimulating the growth of the roots.

Dosage: Depending on the situation, approximately 5 to 7gr/mq; existing turfs  2-3 gr sqm

Packaging: 8kg pail

Application and benefits:

  • Provides very high nutritive substances.
  • Improves the rooting of the plants.
  • Reduces hydric, saline, and thermic stress.
  • Increases the healthy growth of the plants.
  • Suitable for all types of soil particularly poor of organic substances and microbiological activity.
  • Applied through hydroseeding provides highly nutritive substances and supports a prompt germination of the seed.


Organic Fertilizer

Granular Humate is a long lasting 100% organic granular fertiliser with the peculiarity to improve the soil. As its nutitive substances are binded together, they have a slow-release effect.

Dosage: Depending on the situation, approximately 80 to 120 g/sqm.         

Packaging: 25kg bag, 1000kg pallet

Application and benefits:

  • It has a balanced nutritive value and provides both plants and grass micro and macro nutrient substances for the entire growth period.
  • Soil is enriched, roots reinforced and the vitality of the grass lawn increased, while, at the same time, the resistance of the plants against illnesses is enhanced.
  • High in organic substance, over 70%.
  • Improves humus in soil.
  • Intense activity of soil organisms, a greater real time obstruction and high crumb stability, and improves also both storage and water conductibility.
  • Suitable for all hydroseeding types where it is necessary a supply of the organic substance. Mainly in case of soils poor of both potassium and nutritive substances.

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