Landfills and contaminated sites


Alternative temporary covers: from daily to medium and long term

Technologically advanced solutions to cover landfills & contaminated sites.

CoWaste is one of the greenest and safest range of products in the world because it is composed of technologically advanced, biodegradable, non-flammable, and non-toxic products based on polymers and recycled fibers. When mixed with water those products create an even and think slurry that can be applied also on irregular surfaces with steep slopes even vertical. They provide reliable protection and form a barrier that not only controls Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), dust particulates, odors, and radon, but also prevents runoff up to 12 months.

CoWaste products are applied on solid waste landfills, on special waste landfills, and on contaminated areas and materials.


Why choose our Cowaste products?

  • They stick to plastic, metal, wood… almost to all materials. It creates a barrier between the material and the environment.
  • They adhere to extreme and irregular surfaces (sprayable slurries to be applied with a CO.WA.MAC machine)
  • They create a thick vapor suppressing layer that minimizes escaping odor carried by evaporating moisture.
  • When dry, our mixture won’t easily wash off because of the quality and types of organic polymers used.
  • They provide an excellent visually looking cover material.
  • The cover is uniform and it doesn’t bother the environment.
  • They can be applied both on wide areas and little spots.
  • No maintenance and disposal costs.
  • Cover over temporary soil to minimize oxygen penetration where active gas collection systems exist.
  • Cover material during extreme weather: hurricanes, flooding, torrential downpours.
  • Horizontal cover layer minimizing the penetration of oxygen into bailfill landfills to reduce the chance of fires.



Need Information?

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