Hydroseeding is a method of grass planting that is mechanically applied by a hydroseeder equipped with mechanical internal agitator. The complex blend containing seeds, tackifier, fertilizers and other additives, has to be applied evenly on the soil surface by hoses and cannons.

Depending on situation and on the soil type, hydroseeding products and systems can vary.

Hydroseeding methods can be divided into three major groups:

  • Hydroseeding  with green wood fibers allows to establish vegetation on such surfaces where it wouldn’t otherwise be possible to obtain satisfactory results with traditional hand-seeding. Mulch reduces erosion and creates a microclimate that enhances and promote growth and root development.

Mulch can absorb a substantial amount of the water slowly released to the soil, thus creating a greenhouse effect that improves germination.

  • Heavy hydroseeding with organic matter and wood fiber mulch. It allows grass planting even on very steep slopes, sterile soil lacking organic coverage and turf reinforcements , very irregular slopes. This method consists in carrying out in one or more steps heavy hydromulching using only

natural products that don’t alter the ecosystem.

  • Hydroseeding with Hydromat MFL - Hydraulically applied blanket: surface covering with an erosion control matrix (Hydromat) blended with other natural products. This method provides a safe and economically effective erosion-control substitute for traditional blankets - even on the steepest slopes.

Full Service is able to meet all customers’ requirements and recommend the most appropriate products and solution according to the actual situation. We estimate pedological, lithological, morphological and weather conditions, upon which the choice of the most suitable system and component depends.

Find out much more on HYDROMAT MFL system.


Our hydroseeding products range:

MULCH - Hydrofibre, Hydrocell, Hydrostroh

TACKIFIERS- Fulltack, Supertack, Ecotack, Hydrotack

FERTILIZERS, CORRECTIVES AND STARTERS - Dung 10.5.5s, Organic Calcium, Biozolfo, Full Humus, Idrostarter, Biostart, Biohumus, Micoplas, Hydrosoil

ADDITIVES - Idrogel, Deep Green, Fiber Plus


  • DUO 18 - 0 - 15 + 2 Mg – Instant energy

Fertilizer which is ready-to-act even at low temperature: after the distribution, the nitrate fraction of the nitrogen’s total amount will be immediately available in the soil solution, making the absorption possible also in extreme climatic conditions. Starting from late winter - early spring, the turf will take successfully advantage of DUO’s specific formulation: this means an excellent greening, a rapid thickening of the grass and the best natural way to compete against the germination of weeds, as these will be unable to fi nd useful light and space in a dense turf.

  • QUADRO 19 - 5 – 14 – Balance and performance

The containment of the growth, otherwise dangerously exuberant in spring and autumn phases, has inspired the study of this fertilizer. Thoroughly investigated in a nutritional program regarding the distribution of a correct percentage of phosphorus in more climatically favorable months, QUADRO guarantees a maturation of the turf and a consolidation of the best quality features. A complete fertilizer, which with a right percentage magnesium facilitates the photosynthesis and compensates for substantial amounts of potassium from the planned annual fertilizer plan, helping to maintain the correct ratios of calcium -magnesium- potassium to terrain.

  • THERMO 8 - 0 - 30 + 4Mg

During the periods immediately preceding the most critical climatic phases, characterized by high values in evapotranspiration and extreme temperature peaks (including the winter ones, which are close to zero degrees), the distribution of a “high in potassium value” fertilizer helps the plant to defend itself from the risk of wilting, thus keeping active all the metabolic processes fundamental for their survival.

  • POP-UP 16 - 30 – 5 – Root Booster

A ternary fertilizer studied appositely for satisfying the specific requirements during the seeding and post-seeding phases, both on uncover ground or turf overseeding. We have added a fraction of “slow-release” nitrogen to a material with high values of phosphorus, an element notoriously contributing to the rooting process: the aim is to guarantee a gradual nutritional support to the plant which will be born, by uniting the rooting and growth in only one distributive step.

SEED MIX - standard or upon request

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