Porous Pave is an ecofriendly polymer-based binder used to build draining pavements.
As a single component, it is blended with natural colored crushed chip only.
Porous Pave  is an environmentally sound draining binder used to build pedestrian and cycle lanes using crushed gravel (chip).
  • Completely non-toxic
  • It doesn’t modify the color of the aggregate – the paving keeps its natural color and the environmental features of the site are preserved
  • It can be used with different types of 2-8mm aggregate
  • Allows the creation of colored pavement, aesthetically pleasing and resistant to use
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Cement and geotextile products can be avoided
  • It allows to re-use old asphalt, cement, natural soil, self-locking tiles where you can directly install Porous Pave


Technical documentation: 
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